“EMDR is one of the most powerful tools I’ve encountered for treating post-traumatic stress. In the hands of a competent and compassionate therapist, it gives people the means to heal themselves.”

Steven Silver, Ph.D.



Anglia EMDR & Trauma Therapy was specially developed by two highly regarded Integrative, EMDR, and CBT Psychotherapist's and Consultant's in Suffolk, who together bring over 50 years experience to offer the very best therapeutic solutions for trauma and trauma related issues, including but not limited to;

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Rape and Sexual Assault

Dissociative disorders

Overwhelming Fears

Sufferers of Abuse 










Eating Disorders

Relational Difficulties 

Addiction & Alcoholism

Body Dysmorphic Disorders 

Between us (Matt & India), we are not only experienced psychotherapists, but also professional supervisors, educators, treatment and therapy managers, as well as providing consultancy in trauma and addiction recovery.


Over the last twenty years, addiction and other trauma related issues have been the foundation and drive of Matt’s psycho-therapeutic work. Matt has vast experience, having had the pleasure of working with over 2500 clients; and counting.


Matt’s psycho-therapeutic background, training and experience include, but is not limited to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Relational Integrative Therapy, EMDR, Transpersonal therapy, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-psychology, Mindfulness, Breath work, as well as extensive working experience and understanding of the 12 Steps.


From the development and managing of residential therapeutic communities, rolling out nationwide addiction rehabilitation programs, co-authoring integrative treatment programs, the Addiction and Trauma Consultant at an award-winning private residential treatment facility in Suffolk, and a highly regarded private-practice, Matt continues to be dedicated to assisting others who are currently struggling and suffering from the consequences of trauma and adverse experiences.


Matt is also known in his field as a gifted, passionate and highly skilled group facilitator, educator, public speaker and family interventionist.  


India has been a professional psychotherapist for 30 + years.  Her main interest has always been how early relationships influence the way we relate now, and how when these relationships break down it can lead to depression, anxiety and a whole host of difficulties that keep us from feeling well or content with our lives.


The other major area of interest for India is trauma related issues, ranging from rape and abuse to the more subtle forms of traumatic experience that have no less of a catastrophic impact. 


India made a decision to train in EMDR after finding that often clients can get stuck in their traumatic past experience(s) and don’t know how to move on. She also found that there is sometimes a ‘looping’ affect to traumatic feelings that don’t seem to shift. EMDR can often help enormously with that either as part of a whole psychotherapy of as a discrete piece of work.


Apart from her highly regarded private practice, India is also an experienced and skilled supervisor and trainer, and also works for local charities providing consultancy, supervision and management services.




Fee: £60.00 per session (sessions are based upon 75 minutes).

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Individually we are members of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the National Counselling Society (NCS).

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